Our Marketing Goals- 2020

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

As a relatively new business it's important for us to set goals in order to achieve great things.

Goal No.1:

Increase engagement with the client base on social media platforms- KPI – Gaining a minimum of 30 followers per month.

This goal is important because it encourages the marketing team (AKA me) to adapt the way we communicate with our audience. If we don't gain the projected amount of followers (30 on each platform per month) by the end of the month then we need to analyse our approach and adjust accordingly.

Goal No.2:

Increase website hits- KPI –Achieve a minimum of 100 website hits per month

This goal is important because we need to see whether our marketing approach is working across our social media platforms. We do a lot of promotion of our website over our social media so if this fails to drive traffic to the site then we need to review our approach and adjust to ensure more people engage with our business.

Goal No.3:

Increase blog engagement- KPI – Achieve a minimum of 10 new readers per month

This goal is important because we want more people to engage with our website, the blog being a key feature. If we fail to gain, at a minimum, 10 new readers per month then we need to look over our marketing material and see what we can do better to help drive traffic to our site.

Goal No.4:

Increase client base- KPI – Gain a minimum of 3 new clients per month

This goal is important because the end goal of our marketing strategies is to drive potential clients to our site in hopes of working with them. The three other goals are a key factor in ensuring this aim is met.

I hope these goals will help inspire some people to set aims for their business and help them grow. Have a wonderful day!

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