How to Encourage Social Media Engagement!

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Is your social media dryer than the Sahara desert? Here are some tips on how to increase your social media engagement!

Aesthetically Pleasing Content

In order to make good content on your social media platforms that grabs the attention of the viewer you have to ensure that you make your posts look good. I suggest establishing a colour scheme quite early on, its alright to change it up initially and experiment with different colour combinations but try to establish a colour palette sooner rather than later to avoid making your page look messy. Brand identity is everything when it comes to people trusting in your business and will ultimately lead to sales/use of services if done right.

Frequent Posting

You should try and keep up with posting regular content on your socials to avoid interest in your business declining. If you're pressed for time then there are post scheduling apps that you can use such as Postcron, Hookle or SocialGest that allow you to schedule your social media posts in advance!

Spark a Conversation

It's very important to keep up with current events and talk about them openly, this should also extend to your business. Talking about current events/issues in our world will open up a funnel of communication with your audience and will encourage engagement across your socials. We're not talking super controversial statements but showing people that you're aware of our world will make your account more personable and will let people know that you care.

Use Hashtags

Although viewed as overrated by some, hashtags are a very useful way to get your social media content out there. You can google search effective hashtags for all your different socials but you should use them modestly, otherwise you could be shadow banned and your content may be blocked from people's timelines.

I hope this list has helped some of you struggling to run your social platforms!

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