Online Learning- The New Way to Grow

In a time where we've had to adapt our lives to be primarily digital, online learning has become a much more respected way to learn. From webinars to scheduled courses- there are thousands of things you can learn, and a lot of them are free!

Google Digital Garage

This is a free online learning programme made by Google to help people up their digital skills to improve their business's online presence. With topics including advertising, digital marketing and customer service, if you have a spare few hours it's definitely worth checking out this resource to help level up your business!



If you feel that signing up for courses is too long winded, expensive or time-consuming you'll love webinars. Often between 1-3 hours (rarely in more than one session) you can learn the basics of virtually anything. Eventbrite is a free platform where you can choose between thousands of different webinars on a whole range of topics.


Linkedin Learning

This is a paid platform- you can access it if you have a premium Linkedin account- that provides hundreds of short and long video lessons on a range of topics that will help the daily running of your business. From programme specific lessons to management courses, it's well informed, accurate and really useful for any business owner.

(To access this head over to your LinkedIn profile)


You can access podcasts for free on most streaming platforms on a whole range of topics. Although not a certified qualification, a podcast can be really beneficial to you in terms of incoming you on current events, keeping you updated with industry knowledge or simply fuelling your interests.

We hope you've found this blog post useful, we'd love to hear about any online learning you undertake!

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