How To Work Smarter!

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

We all struggle from time to time with staying organised in our work...

So here's a list of things to keep on top of and how to do that!

Keep your workspace tidy

You know the saying, "Tidy office tidy mind", and we 100% agree! Ensure that the room you work in is well ventilated, minimalistic and organised. Keep documents in labelled files, use labelled storage boxes to keep bulkier items in to make the room look less busy. This will help tremendously with your work effort and make you enjoy working more.

Try going paperless

In this digital age there's almost no reason for countless pieces of paper floating around your office. Try keeping all of your documents online in order to reduce the amount of things lying around and making a mess. If you receive paper documents then scan them onto the computer using your printer. This will help reduce the likelihood of mess!

Keep all your passwords together

We've all been in this place, sat at your desk frantically searching for the tiny scrap of paper that you wrote the password on. This is why you should keep all your passwords in a place you know that you won't forget. Of course be mindful of where you put it for security reasons but if you have one specific place where you keep all of that information you're less likely to forget where that place is.

Keep your computer organised

I've had major problems with my laptop being incredibly slow at times so I recently went through my downloads and cleared out a load of things that I had no idea I had downloaded. We're talking years worth of pop ups and downloads and set ups that never got set up... It's also good to keep your desktop clear and tidy as this will help keep your mind calm and won't overwhelm you before you even start working.

Keep a diary/organiser

Up until the past few months I've really struggled when it comes to keeping on top of everything I do, at points forgetting what I'm supposed to be doing and wasting the whole day. This is why I introduced a planner into my life! I opted to start with a 12 week one which has honestly changed the game for me, proving to be incredibly useful in making me work faster and better.

Download a calendars app on your smart phone/tablet

There are many things on this list that you can choose to ignore but if you take one thing from reading this I hope it's this! On days where I'm travelling a lot and forget to bring my planner I find my calendars app super helpful! I input all of my itinerary into my phone after I've written it all down in my planner so I have a backup and rarely forget about my commitments.

I hope you find this useful in your working life and sincerely hope you have a wonderful week!

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