Digital Marketing for the Inexperienced...

Being relatively new to the world of marketing, I initially struggled with finding the right way to visually market our social media pages to attract an audience. You may also be sitting at home wondering how you can do this yourself for your business...

This is where I can help! Although inexperienced I do like to think that I have an eye for what works and what doesn't when it comes to getting people's attention so here's a compilation of tips and tricks that I've found useful to help navigate me through the world of digital marketing:

Establish a Colour Palette

Although simple, this is a crucial step to undertake before launching a social media page. It helps establish a level of professionalism and makes your online presence more aesthetically pleasing thus garnering better results! Programmes such as Canva or Photoshop are good places to test out your colours and theme ideas so you can find your perfect palette.


This is a website that contains "free-usable images" of a high quality that you an use across your social media and website to give a more polished feel to your page. You can search almost anything and get wonderful, high quality images free of charge.

Online Courses

Although most of the time I feel that I am well within my comfort zone at work I do come across the occasional blip where I'm just not sure what I'm doing or what certain terminology means... This is where online courses come in handy!

Google Digital Garage is a free digital marketing course where you can learn different skills, terminology and resources that'll give you a foot up the marketing ladder.

Photo Editing Apps

Having a clear professional identity is a key part of growing your business, a major part of this is making sure your online platforms look polished and professional. When creating content for the social media or the website I use Adobe Photoshop, the layering and editing options are perfect for creating the best looking content. there are loads of free tutorials on YouTube to help you learn how to use it too!


An easy way to keep topping up your knowledge on the go is to listen to podcasts. A personal favourite of mine is the Girls in Marketing podcast (available on Spotify & Apple Podcasts) where they talk to people working in the marketing profession and share stories and tips related to the industry.

Competitive Research

Most people cower at the idea of having competitors in the same field as them, however I take it as a great learning opportunity! I make sure to constantly update my competitive research to ensure I understand the current market and can improve upon the content I produce for the businesses I work for.

To say this is the bare bones of being a marketer is a huge understatement, but it sure is enough to get you started!

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