The Importance Of Speaking Up

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

In our world there are so many different things that impact our daily lives that a lot of people don't even know about. Did you know that all giant pandas in zoos around the world are on loan from China? Sure it's not the most useful fact but that's got to impact some people. Also, around 1 in every 200 men are direct descendants of Genghis Khan, how crazy is that! I wouldn't go ahead and list these as massive global issues or anything but the point is that they make an impression on at least one person in the world and these facts may be important to them and impact their lives.

This is why we at EliteExecs are very committed to spreading the message of speaking up about your mental health. Seems like a bit of a leap from old Genghis but it's still just as important as your mental health impacts not just you, but other people. If you're feeling low and can't seem to get out of your head then we urge you to talk to people about it, this will help get everything out in the open and ensure that you are directed towards the help that may become very beneficial to you.

I know that I myself am a person who quite openly struggles with their mental health and always know that I have a network of people to help prop me up and make sure that I'm alright when I need it the most. During my previous employment period I didn't feel as though I was allowed to speak up about my own mental health and at points was told that I should have the ability to drop my problems outside the door and get on with my work normally, advice I now perceive as ludicrous. From that point on no matter how hard I worked and how much I achieved I had the constant thought that I wasn't performing well enough. This thinking only made my mental health worse and was overall non-beneficial.

Since starting my new job I have found the ability to praise myself for good work and allow myself time to heal when its necessary to do so, without doubting or punishing myself for "not being good enough", and I believe that is down to good management and being reassured that I can talk to someone and be open about my needs without feeling like a burden.

So whether it's your boss, mum, or even your cat, its good to talk to someone, even only for a minute.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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