A Minute of Mindfulness

In these times especially I think we forget that we're only humans. In the midst of this pandemic we're expected to perform at normal capacity despite everything being as far from normal as it could get! This is why we want to help you switch off for a minute, just sit back in your chair and focus on your breathing. If you're struggling then here's some calming pictures that may help...

It's important that we appreciate ourselves, I know from personal experience that this can be difficult but just trust me on this one. Whether you're working, taking a break from your career or don't know where you're headed it's important to tell yourself that you're doing well and appreciate the fact that you're living through a global pandemic, in whatever state that may be.

Be grateful for your body, it's been through a lot with these copious lockdowns and deserves the recognition for that. Do something nice for your body, go for a walk, sit in your garden or plan some down time into your week.

Be grateful for your mind, this pandemic has been a massive strain on everybody for a long time now, anxieties and troubles heading through the roof. Reward your mind by taking time out of your day to be calm and neutral, reflect on what you've achieved over the past year and celebrate that!

Without your health what do you have? Be kind to your mind and body and it'll be kind to you!

We hope this has helped some of you out there. Check out our mental health category on our blog for more wellbeing tips, reflections and motivation to get you through the rest of your week.

Have a good one!

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