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Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Here at EliteExecs we want you to feel a part of our family. To help this we’re going to introduce you to our team!

Julie- Director

Julie has trained as a Responsible Person in Good Distribution Practice and has experience with MHRA inspections and third party audits.

Personal Message:

“Hi, I'm Julie one of the founders of ELITEEXECS LTD.  Running my own business was never on my bucket list, come to think of it neither was having children 😊 but look how that worked out for me.  I am a mother of two, one daughter and one son, one is in full time employment and the other in Year 8 (second year of Secondary School for those of you who get confused by all this Year stuff like me).  Due to a restructure in my previous employed role I found myself wondering what to do next and here I am, 6 months in and I love it.  Believe it or not I also have some spare time which is filled with playing field hockey, walking our recently rescued dog and running.”

Karen- Director

Karen has extensive experience in Process Improvement across a variety of business sectors. 

Personal Message:

“Hi, I am Karen also one of the founders of ELITEEXECS LTD. 

ELITEEXECS LTD was born from an idea Julie and I thought about and started to plan back in 2015. However, both of us were still in fulltime employment so decided to wait until we could give our company 100%. Following a company restructure my contract ended in 2017 after 10+ years at which point I decided to take time out and planned a few road trips around Europe with my husband. We have family commitments in both the UK and Tunisia and decided to reside in both countries throughout this time. Julie’s employment status changed so we then put our plans into action and launched ELITEEXECS earlier this year. Some months later we are both still very excited and are enjoying building our company.

I have been married for 39years and I have four children, two daughters, two sons aged between 34 and 23. I also have and 3 grandchildren. Organisation and dealing with conflict have become something I excel in!  In my spare time I love to travel, swim, read and most importantly spend time with and support my family.”

Holly- Social Media & Marketing

Holly is the newest addition to our team! She manages the social media and marketing side of our business as well as writing content for our blog.

Personal Message:

“Hi! I’m Holly and I run the social media for ELITEEXECS. I recently started this job alongside studying for my media makeup degree! I enjoy musicals, creating makeup looks and chatting with our wonderful followers 🥰”

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