How To Just Get Through It!

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

I used to work with a wonderful lady called Karen who insisted that she got up at 5am every morning to make the most of her day. She would always say to me "Life's too short for sleeping in" and recently I've found that to be all too true. In this worrying time we can all find ourselves feeling a bit existential. We ask questions like "What has my life become?", "when will we be free?" and "What's the point?". I say enough is enough.

The best way to combat this feeling is to exercise the small freedoms that we still have. Take back control of your life and do the things you always say "I'll get round to that" at. Wake up early and you can go for walks, finish that DIY job, take up jogging, read some books or get crafty. Try and achieve at least one thing a day to make this somewhat repetitive life all feel worth it. We're not going to be gifted these years back one day so we may as well make the best of it!

I'm not suggesting we all drag ourselves out of bed at 5am because that sounds rather hellish, but maybe think twice before hitting the snooze button for the fourth time that morning. I hate to admit it but I've spent a lot of the past few years sleeping because I didn't understand the point in getting up. This pandemic has helped me to realise that there's every reason to get out of bed and into reality. Because of this new mindset I've got myself a lovely marketing job and am studying towards my dream career. I've spent more time with family and made a few new friends as well as starting to keep up with old ones. This life truly is what you make it, so why not make it wonderful?

I hope this has helped some of you through this difficult time. Stay safe and stay positive!

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