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In our competitive market, your growing business needs support. EliteExecs is a full Personal/Virtual Assistant Service, offering top quality Executive PAs.

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The Management Team

Julie Murray & Karen M'Hamdi are the driving force behind EliteExecs Ltd. Between them they have over 35 years of diverse experience across pharmaceutical, fashion, IT, Telecoms and Utility industries, supporting small sized to large corporate companies.  Both women are strong administrative professionals with a variety of skills, including Event Management, Project Management, Budget Planning, Communications, Contract Management and Executive PAs which is what their company is all about.


Julie Murray

Director @EliteExecs

Julie has trained as a Responsible Person in Good Distribution Practice and has experience with MHRA inspections and third party audits.

Karen M'Hamdi

Karen M'Hamdi

Director @EliteExecs

Karen has extensive experience in Process Improvement across a variety of business sectors


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